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Fearless Heart Homeopathy


Homeopathy for children

In my practice I have seen children with all kinds of complaints. Some children had severe or longlasting eczema, which was resolved with homeopathy. Other children came with issues of anxiety and/or aggression due to several reasons. Homeopathy helped these children to get a better balance in life.  They were happier and often eating and sleeping also improved. Then there are children with autism, or other mental or physical disabilities that showed all over improvement after the homeopathic remedy. Also the highly gifted that often struggle to find their balance in life were much more balanced after the homeopathic treatment.


The main focus for treating children with homeopathy is to look closely at the personality of the child and it’s needs, it's fears and it's talents. This information can be gathered by observing the child and also asking the parents about childhood, talents, skills, behaviour, preverences etc. The main focus in homeopathy is how the individual child experiences his/her life. This can be translated into a remedy from the plant, animal or mineral kingdom.

Key symptom

In homeopathy the main focus of the treatment has always been the individual characteristics of the patient. The most outstanding symptoms of the patient we call: “strange, rare and peculiars”. Sometimes one remarkable symptom can be a “keysymptom” to the case, and unlock the whole story of the patient.


"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion."

Dalai Lama

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